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Employee Internet Managment  software
   Firewall Configuration
   DMZ (Delimilitarized Zone) 
   Web Filtering & Border Caching
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    Cybernetra Mailserver is a comprehensive email solution for office LAN or high-speed Internet communications.Much more than just a conventional mail server, it is extremely easy to install and maintain and its powerful set of features will meet any customer's needs.
 Full multi-domain, multi-user, multi-protocol support
Unlimited Domains.  
Unlimited Users.
Support all standard protocols like SMTP,POP3,IMAP.
 Full-featured WebMail
Spam Management.
Calendaring and Tasking.
Sender signatures, Shared Address via any browser etc.
 Self-learning, Accurate, AntiSpam engine
Cybernetra Mail Server antispam generates a high degree of success(>985) in accurately identifying Spam.More importantly, the solution generates near-zero False positives, giving you the confidence that what is bring identified as Spam is actually well Spam only.
 Policy Based Mailing
Cybernetra Mail Server helps you implement your organization's e-mail usage policy.It helps you implement customized user-based, group-based, and/or site-based policy.Ensuring that your mailing solution is all pleasure and no pain.
   Centralised LDAP Based Address Book
Cybernetra Mail Server employs cutting edge LDAP protocol based directory services.It uses OpenLDAP, which means all industry-standard applications, clients and agents (from Microsoft, Sun, Novell, IBM, CA, Siemens, etc) will be able to access the CNMS Address Book most efficiently.
Am improvement upon the earlier X.500 standard.
 Enhanced AntiSpam
Enhanced AntiSpam takes the standard antispam engine and adds to it the power of Real-time Spam management.
The RBL interface allows the administrator to allow real-time blacklisting.
The administrator can specify the domains, sub domains or users who want to bypass the spam checks.
One can also define spam notification and spam destiny.
IP Based Domain Management
Cybernetra Mail Server provides this feature to faciliate mail hostings.
Using this feature, ISPs can handle multiple domains on the same server irrespective of their IPs.
 SSL/SASL/TLS based Mail Security
Cybernetra offers complete TLS/SASL protection for all outgoing mails.
Cybernetra offers SSL protection for all incoming mails.
All mails are sent in an encrypted form and are decrypted at the intended destination.
 Easy Administration
Web based Remote Administration from any computer in network.
Easy Upgrades at Client Premises.
24 Hours X 7 Days Support Guaranteed.
Local Support at Client Premises.
Problem Tracking and Trouble Shooting of Client Problems through SRTS.