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Employee Internet Managment  software
   Firewall Configuration
   DMZ (Delimilitarized Zone) 
   Web Filtering & Border Caching
   Bandwidth & User Activities
   Virus & Spam Protected E-mail
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    Cybernetra reduces the cost of Internet access by improving productivity, reducing the time spent accessing inappropriate material and by conserving network bandwidth allowing expensive network upgrades to be postponed or avoided altogether.
 Bandwidth Control and Optimization
QoS for better Internet Speed  
Different pools of IBw With different Priorities.
Internet Bandwidth control on user or IP basis
Border Caching of web traffic to boost Internet Speed.
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Statefull Interception of Packets.
Protection Against DOS.
Protection against Spoofing of IP Packets.
NAT (PNAT,SNAT & DNAT) for extra security.
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DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) 
In Computer security a demilitarized zone (DMZ) or perimeter network is a network area (a subnetwork) that sits between an organization's internal network and an external network, usually the Internet.
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VPN (Virtual Private Network) 
A virtual private network is a private communications network often used by companies or organizations, to communicate confidentially over a public network.
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   Anti Virus
Transparent Virus Scanning for Port 110(POP) for Incoming mails.
Transparent Virus Scanning for Port 25(SMTP) for Outgoing Mails.
Cybernetra can be integrated with most Linux compatible anti-virus software and acts as transparent proxy for email, scanning every email entering or leaving the network.
NAT (PNAT,SNAT & DNAT) for extra security.
Hourly Updates of Anti Virus signatures.
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Web Filter
Block/ Unblock selected chat applications for a pool of users.
Web Filter loaded with more than 5,00,000 sites and URLS in 18 different categories like chat , Adbanner,sms,gambling, violence etc.
Different set of rules for different pool if users
Statefull Firewalls implementation to protect Local Network
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Data Storage Vaults
Secure and Limited quota of data storage space on server for every user.
Easy access to storage area ( Drive letter gets mapped in 'My Computer' on user login).
Flexible Billing and Internet Accounting
Users are created in different pools in which IBw prioritization and quota restriction get applied.
Independent assignment of Daily and Total Internet usage quota for every user.
Unlimited number of User Accounts can be Created.
Extensive Reporting Facilities
Listing of online user
Online monitoring of user activities
Online display of per user and Total Ibw usage
Online Snapshots of user Desktop .
Graphs for Monitoring IBw Usage
M.I.S reports on Daily, Weekly Monthly and Yearly basis
Mail Server and Web-Mail
Send/Receive emails when not connected to Internet.
Use your own domain name to create unlimited email addresses.
Local Web-Based access to mail accounts(like Hotmail)
Password protected individual mailboxes.
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Easy Administration
Web based Remote Administration from any computer in network.
Easy Upgrades at Client Premises.
24 Hours X 7 Days Support Guaranteed.
Local Support at Client Premises.
Problem Tracking and Trouble Shooting of Client Problems through SRTS.    
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