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Employee Internet Managment  software
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ROI( Corporate's & Business )
  ROI for Corporate & Business Organization
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  ROI for Corporate & Business Organization 
The Return on investment for cybernetra can be calculated. Using the ROI Calculator. The cybernetra help in better internet management and making more bandwidth available to more productive users and less to the less productive users. It also saves the bandwidth lost in unproductive and personal usages and makes it available to more users.

Return is the Average Cost of Employee per hour x Number of Employees x Average Time for which internet is used for unproductive surfing per day

Investment is the cost of the software plus the cost of the Lease line.
  ((Avg. Cost of Emp/Hr. x No. of Emp. x Avg.Time Spent on unproductive usage/ day x 300 days) – (Internet Lease line Cost + Cost of the software)) *100
  Internet Lease line Cost + Cost of the software
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  Lets take an Example:
  Average Cost of Employee per Hour = Rs.40/-

No. Of Employees = 30

Average Time Spent on unproductive Usage per day = 1 hrs

Bandwidth Cost (128 kbps) = Rs.1.5 Lacs per annum

Cost of Cybernetra = Rs.39,900/-

  ((40 x 30 x 1 x 300) – (150000 + 39900)) *100
  150000 + 39900
  ((360000) – (189900)) *100
ROI =89.57%
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Note: This calculation however does not include the productive Internet time lost due to Internet bandwidth choking which is avoided as a result of better management of the bandwidth with the help of cybernetra.